Mandatory Management Service

Features Overview

This is a mandatory management service which must be completed in addition to your management agreement. This will ensure your suite receives the basic management and rental services necessary to rent your suite, maintain your suite and market your suite to the student community

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Rental Services

  • Agents actively collecting renewal and termination agreements for your current tenants
  • Agents collecting valuable resident information for additional marketing purposes
  • Agents negotiating renewal incentives
  • Agents actively searching for new residents, conducting suite tours, collecting deposits, completing lease agreements
  • Agents negotiating new rental incentives

Value: 50% of 1 Month Rent

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Administrative Services

  • Administrative staff completing all leasing paperwork, guarantor collection, background checks
  • Administrative staff collecting all resident payment information
  • Administrative staff collecting owner information and providing regular building updates
  • Administrative staff coordinating all resident move in / move our dates
  • Administrative staff coordinating all suite cleaning and repairs
  • Finance staff collecting monthly rent and forwarding rent deposits
  • Finance staff completing collections on all overdue rent collection

Value: 30% of 1 Month Rent


Marketing Services

  • Designing, filming and implementation of Virtual Reality Tours
  • Creating and maintaining social media accounts & awareness
  • Designing and implementation of targeted email campaigns
  • Working / networking directly with local Universities
  • Listing and updating rental listings on University webpages
  • Listing and updating third party rental listings on Kijiji, gottarent, 4rent, and more
  • Developing an inclusive student community through event planning and sponsorship programs

Value: $400 annual