gold Management Service

Features Overview

Sage understands that many of you intend to retain your suite for only a short period of time and that many of you intend to sell your suite this year

We are here to help you sell your suite! 

This additional management service can be added to your account and assist with the sale of your Sage Condo

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Sales & Marketing Services

  • Direct access to one of the top realtors in the region
  • Support from our management team when selling your suite
  • Receive a comprehensive marketing package to assist the sale of your suite
  • Staged Eye-Guide tour of your suite 
  • Inclusive renter relocation administrative fee
  • Four complimentary guided tours by our staff members

Value: $899

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Rental + Administrative + Marketing Services

  • Comprehensive Rental, Administrative and Marketing Services

Value: 80% of 1 Month Rent + $350 Annual Marketing Fee