Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a new suite is a really exciting time, here are some FAQ's to help you navigate your new lease


Can I See A Sample Lease ?

Yes, we are happy to provide our potential renters with sample leases. All of our leases are completed online. You can review the documents, sign and pay without ever having to step foot into our office. 

Our lease packages are due within 5 days of beginning the application. All documents can be uploaded to our online application. We are happy to assist if you have questions or concerns. 

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When do I Receive My Promotion ?

Promotions are offered on select suites only. Promotions are paid at the end of your lease term starting the second last month of rent. Promotions are not provided during the first or second month of rent. 

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Are Utilities Included ?

Yes, select utilities are included providing rent is paid on time. Page 2 of the lease outlines the utility fees. *Note: Hydro is not included within our utility package. Hydro accounts must be created by each resident prior to their move in date. 

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Is Internet Included ?

Yes, internet is included providing the lease package is completed on time and rent is provided each month. Each building is equipped with a high speed unlimited internet package. Modems are not included in the suite and must be purchased by the resident.

Technical difficulties/problems connecting? Contact COMU at 1-855-667-2668


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How Do I Secure Parking ?

Parking assignments are completed on a 12 month basis, we encourage you to complete a parking application as you complete your lease. We will require a completed parking application with full payment. 

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I Have To Pay Rent ?

Yes, rent is due on the first of every month. We have three primary options for you to pay rent each month:

  1. Post Dated Cheques: Complete post dated cheques for each month of rent. Cheques are to be dated for the first of every month and are due within the 5 day lease deadline

  2. Pre-Authorized Debit: Upload a void cheque to our online application and complete the pre-authorized debit agreement. Rent can then be automatically withdrawn on the first of every month

  3. Pay In Person: You can walk into our office by 2pm on the first of every month to pay in person. While we do not accept cash we will be happy to process debit and credit card payments.


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How Do I Renew My Lease ? 

You can renew your lease for up to two additional years. Promotions will not be applied to additional years of rent, but the base rental amount will remain the same for these additional years. 

You must indicate your intent to renew or terminate your lease no later than December 15th of every year. You can communicate your decision to our administrative staff.