We at Sage Living & Domus Property Services Inc. are very excited to welcome you to Ivy Towns!  We hope your stay will be an enjoyable one and we’d like to do everything we can to make that happen.  Please take a moment to review the information below for some helpful facts about your Ivy Towns community.

Who We Are
Important contact info:

Resident Services 
Come down to our onsite office in suite 2 at 8 Hickory Street West to meet your onsite reps! For any info or requests, including maintenance, you can also reach us at fix@sagecondos.ca or 226-336-7243 ext. 101

Regular Office Hours:                 
10am-6pm                                                                                                                                                                                                   Monday to Friday

All residents are required to submit a deficiency list within 1 week of picking up their keys.  This list is a snapshot of any deficiencies in your unit that allows us to send out work orders or document any issues.

Have an after hours emergency?
226-336-7243 ext. 109

·         Leave a message! Include your name, phone number, unit and a brief description of the issue. Our After Hours Team will get back to you promptly.

Did You Know?

Locked Out  
If you lock yourself out of your unit or bedroom, you have two options depending on what time of the day/night it happens:

  1. If it’s during regular business hours (10-6 Monday-Friday), you can come to the Sage office and request a new key for a fee.  Wait time can vary but we can usually do it fairly quickly.
  2. If it’s after hours or you cannot come to the Sage office, someone can be sent out to unlock the door for you for a $40 fee (*Payment due upon arrival of the rescuer. Cash only.)

Fire Alarms and Extinguishers 
Did you know it is against the law to tamper with the fire alarms or extinguishers in your unit? Never touch or remove your fire alarms/extinguishers and if you notice there is one missing/defective, contact fix@sagecondos.ca immediately. Tampering with your fire safety devices will result in being fined by the City of Waterloo.

Maintenance Requests 
How do I make a maintenance request?

  • email  fix@sagecondos.ca or call 226-336-7243 ext. 101
  • provide us with a detailed description of the issue/request so we can serve you as efficiently as possible
  • give us your name, phone number and property address, including unit and room number

When should I expect a response?

For requests received during regular business hours, our goal is to have a contractor sent out within 48 hours or sooner if possible.  There are certain times of year where it may take a bit longer due to the volume of requests (particularly the weeks after September & May move in times) but all emergency or extremely urgent issues will be dealt with immediately.

Regular office hours: 10am - 6pm, Monday-Friday 

Have an after hours emergency?
Call 226-336-7243 x. 109 and leave a message.  Our after hours team will get back to you promptly.

What am I responsible for?

Need some help? Check out these links! 

How to unclog your toilet How to unclog your toilet without a plunger

Unclogging drains

Changing lightbulbs

If you require assistance, please contact Resident Services

As a resident, you are responsible for: 

Unclogging the toilets

Unclogging the drains

Changing lightbulbs 




Intercom System
Sage II offers an entry intercom system that allows guests to call your phone directly from the front lobby to be let in.  All units must submit a cell phone number to Resident Services to be set up, contact fix@sagescondos.ca.

Laundry Facilities     
Sage II is proud to offer in-suite laundry facilities in all units for your convenience.


Ivy Towns is excited to offer you wired Internet supplied by Rogers and managed by COMU.

  • How to access? Purchase an Ethernet cable and plug from the wall connection in your bedroom to your computer or laptop
  • Want wireless?  You can set up your own, personal wireless connection by purchasing a wireless modem
  • Technical difficulties/problems connecting? Contact COMU at 1-855-667-2668
  • Note about technical support: Unfortunately Sage cannot help with any technical support issues.  COMUTEC should be able to help you with anything you need. If you have any feedback about the service you are receiving from them, feel free to let us know.  We always want to ensure our tenants are getting the best service!

Garbage & Recycling   

  • Were to bring your garbage, recycling & organics? There are 5 moloks located
    • All 5 are labelled-2 for garbage, 2 for recycling, and 1 for organics. Please sort your waste accordingly and any oversized items should be placed beside the molok for pick up

Parking is available for the winter & spring terms at your building for valid permit holders only. 

  • How much? $1200/year
  • How to sign up? Click here to complete your parking application. Submit your application and pay your deposit at the Sage office
  • Click here to view our full parking policy and further details.

Remember: Even with a parking pass, you cannot park in front of the garbage/recycling bins or moloks.  Parking there will result in your vehicle being ticketed & towed!

Exterior parking is for visitors only. Please register your guests with Resident Services by providing your name + suite number as well as your guest's name, email, phone number, license plate number and vehicle type/colour. Maximum 1 night of parking. 

Commercial parking spaces are for their use, no residents parking allowed.

Please remember that all buildings at 318 Spruce are non-smoking, as per your lease and in regulation with the City of Waterloo by-laws.  Please use the stainless steel ash tray boxes mounted throughout the complex for cigarette waste when smoking outside the building.


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